The Highest Quality Teeth Whitening in Goolwa

Teeth Whitening GoolwaHave you been hiding your smile because you have yellow or stained teeth? If you have been then you are not alone. 

We see patients every day wanting to fix this very simple issue.

Studies have shown that their is a strong correlation between a persons lack of confidence and their smile, due to stained or mis-shaped teeth.

Riverport Dental is here to help. We offer our Teeth Whitening Services to any patient who would like to use us. Our Patients come from all over the Fleurieu Peninsula, mainly Goolwa but also Victor Harbor, Middleton and Port Elliot. 

Why is teeth whitening needed?

Their our many reasons as to why teeth become discoloured. 

  • Drinking to much tea or coffee
  • Age
  • Health
  • Disease  
  • Smoking 
  • Poor dental hygiene (not brushing or flossing enough)

However, this can be fixed and maintained with good practice.

We can whiten your teeth or tooth and get your smile back. Like with most things it will not last forever. You will need to maintain and look after your teeth to keep them white for as long as possible. 

All dentists will recommend that you come see the dentist every 6 months for a dental clean and check up. 

By doing this consistently you lesses the risk of your teeth discolouring quickly. 

Give us a call today for an appointment to get your teeth whitened. You can call our lovely staff on either (08) 8555 0740 OR 0477 043 700.

If you would like to learn more about our services then please visit our service page to see what else we can offer you.