If you are experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity, the nerve of your tooth may be decayed or infected and root canal treatment may be necessary.

Root canal treatment is preferable not only to save the affected tooth but to protect the teeth around it. At Riverport Dental we know your teeth are valuable and worth saving. In order to stop the spread of infection, it is important to act fast.

Our experienced dentists have been providing patients with successful root canals for many years. The pulp, bacteria, decay and nerves are removed and the empty space is filled with dental materials designed to save your tooth. This process may take several rounds of treatment but our dentists will ensure you experience the least discomfort possible.

If required, we use qualified anaesthetists to administer IV sedation, which is suitable for nervous patients. This sedation is quite deep, meaning you will only have partial awareness. We can also safely administer various sedation treatments. For mild to moderate levels of anxiety, this treatment is perfect.

If you have any questions about pain relief, our dentists will explain how each of the processes works and answer any questions you may have.

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