Your thorough initial consultation will give our dentists the opportunity to discuss your dental health and how you feel about your smile. This enables us to understand any changes that have occurred in the past few years and how best to prevent any pain, breakdown or degradation in the years to come.

Part of your initial consultation may involve taking necessary radiographs to further our understanding of what is happening under the surface of your mouth. With the latest technology, we will also use digital imaging to help demonstrate your dental health because we believe you need to understand your mouth so you feel confident to enjoy your best smile. Together with our dentists, these images will help you form the basis of your treatment plan.

After the initial consultation, our dentists will go through the expected time frame of your treatment plan and the exact cost, so you won’t be left with any unwanted surprises.

Throughout the entire process, the well being of our patients comes first. Our dentists are vastly experienced in treating everyone from adults to children. If you are ever unsure about anything, or have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

To book your initial consultation please fill out our enquiry form online or contact our friendly staff on 08 8555 0740 OR 0477 043 700